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Only $35.00US for a whole year !!!!!!!!!

The potential for a web pages in today's hi tech world is too large an opportunity that you can let pass by...........................

From the perspective of any organisation being a large corporate empire to a simple small home run family business the promotion on the internet opens your organisation to a whole new range of clientele on a Global Scale

If your thinking 'well what can I use a web page for?', the answer is simple; you can use your web page to;

Promote your products/services to the world.
Share your hobbies/interests with others.
Excellent for marketing, educational, personal, etc.
Increase your income, run a home based business.
Communicate with people from all over the world.

In fact, you can use your page for almost any purpose you like. Like we said potential is enormous and limited only by your imagination.

This is what we Propose for a low cost

Your own web page individually designed to your specifications
Image of your choice
Web hosting for a whole year
Free photo scanning if required
Assistance with promotion of your site
Up to 1000 words of your own text
Link to your email
Up to 10 of your favorite links

Take a look at our current up and running internet sites by clicking the sample button below, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at webpage@gghome.com or by clicking the above link.

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The above prices are for a basic web page only. The 12 month period begins from the time the page is actually posted and accessible. It is the responsibility of the page owner to ensure legality of the content. Scanned photos will not be returned unless stamped, self-addressed envelope is also included. Alterations/additions to the original page $7.50US.

Additional pages - only $25.00US/page. Hosting only also available. Contact us for details.

Additional components available upon request. For fully customized web design and hosting, please contact us for a quote.